Kanye West To Donate $10 Million On Arizona Art Project

Kanye West to donate 10 Million to artist James Turrell's art project in the Painted Desert region of Arizona. James Turrell is one of the headlining artist associated with what is called the "Light and Space Movement" which began in California in the 1960's. Turrell's passion eventually drove him to purchase a dormant volcano called Roden Crater in the 70's and began to transform it into a series of light spaces, a natural observatory located underground in the middle of the Arizona desert. Kanye took to twitter to express his love for the artistic space and said:

 "This is life changing. We all will live in Turrell spaces". 

Jame's Turrell's obsession with natural light is what really set him apart as an artist. No paint, no real focus, just the love of being immersed in time, light, and mother nature. According to pitchfork, James Turrell, (also the inspiration behind Drake's "Hotline Bling" video) says he's “thrilled” about Kanye's donation. Sources say it will be about 5 years before this space becomes open to the public. 

Would you go to see something like this? You think Kanye putting down 10 million for it was a good idea? Watch the visual below and let us know! 



Guggenheim Museum




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