Scenes From The Record Breaking Polar Vortex

Chicago residents and other areas in the Midwest are experiencing dangerously cold weather conditions this morning due to the Polar Vortex. What exactly is the Polar Vortex? It isn't anything new, its actually cold winds spin that spin along the Polar regions. When higher temperatures disrupt the amount of pressure in the vortex, it starts to shape-shift, widen, and travel. The Polar Vortex then loses its tight circle around the arctic and starts moving southward irregularly. Although its always shifting and expanding over years, this might be the worst one yet. A wave of Arctic air from the polar vortex has caused temperatures to drop to as low as -46C (-50F) in Chicago. Cities in the Midwest went into high alert and even opened warming shelters as temperatures plummeted well below zero. The Illinois governor warned that the weather 'poses a serious threat' to people's well-being. People from the areas affected are posting pictures of their ice riddled homes. Everything from frozen doorknobs to water simply freezing when thrown into the air. Here is some footage that will surely send some chills down your spine (sorry, couldn't resist it).

Via: AccuWeather , Science Insider , Twitter



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