Clay Travis & the Crew Select Their Favorite Game of Wild Card Weekend

It's Wild Card weekend in the NFL, Clay Travis and the Outkick crew draft their best game of the weekend (with only 4 NFL battles to choose from.) Clay naturally gets the first selection and to nobody's surprise he selects the Titans/Patriots game!

The Saints are hosting a talented Vikings team, and the Seattle Seahawks are going on the road to face the Eagles in Philadelphia. Picking 3rd, Eddie Garcia had to sell Clay on the Bills traveling to Houston to take on the AFC South champion Texans. Clay also asks the crew what their pick would be if they could only watch one game all weekend.

In addition to selecting their games of the week, the show rewinds the clock and takes a look back at everyone's preseason Super Bowl picks. It was an impressive showing for Outkick the Coverage, as the show's selections included all teams that actually made the playoffs except for one. Who was the odd man out with one of their Super Bowl teams? Spoiler alert: it involves a member of the show who had high hopes for the Dallas Cowboys.

Click the play-button to hear the full audio.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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