Clay Travis Interviews Father Who Choked Out Coyote to Save Toddler Son

Listen to Clay Travis interview New Hampshire hero Ian O’Reilly, just hours after the gallant father choked out a coyote with his bare hands after the animal attacked his two-year-old son.

O’Reilly says the animal bit his toddler while they were hiking as a family of five (ages 2,4, 8) on a snowy trail in New Hampshire, before the dad intervened and shoved the coyote’s head into the snow for a full ten minutes before it finally suffocated to death.

O’Reilly says the coyote had been tracking and stalking the finally for roughly a quarter mile, before the coyote snuck up behind them and into view. O’Reilly says the family initially thought the animal was somebody’s dog running off its leash.

O’Reilly’s was bitten in the arm and the chest, but was saved by thick snow gear that offered a shield to the coyote’s fangs.

The father says he kicked the coyote and stunned the animal, and then got into a ‘wrestling match’ on the ground.

The coyote was believed to be the culprit behind an attack earlier in the day, where a woman was bitten in the butt. O’Reilly says his family received treatment for a possible case of rabies.

Check out the full incredible interview above.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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